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New publication - Setting commercialisation objectives for sustainable innovation

A new paper by Britest's Rob Peeling describes a methodology for setting commercialisation objectives for sustainability in an innovative project

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Britest Sustainability toolkit poster available

A​ poster recently presented by Britest exemplifies some new and improved approaches towards holistic qualitative and semiquantitative models for whole process understanding aligned with the needs of those in the chemical, biochemical and related process industries seeking to accelerate the transformation required to successfully respond to the threat of climate change

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Keeping it flexible

Flexibility is increasingly recognised as a strategic driver of sustainable competitive advantage. Britest puts flexibility at the heart of our offering to deliver rapid results for our members and clients.

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New collaborative project to establish safe and sustainable pharmaceutical lifecycles by design

Britest is playing a crucial linking and communications role in a a new four-year European project that will contribute to the sustainable development of pharmaceuticals, by using and promoting lifecycle approaches to their design, manufacture, usage, and disposal

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Video: LevWave - scalable platform chemicals from industrial side streams

Dr. Silvia Tedesco of Manchester Metropolitan University explains how the InnovateUK funded proof of concept project is exploring the feasibility of turning a significant industrial process side stream - paper mill sludge - into the strategically important platform chemical Levulinic Acid.

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Britest support to Digital Implementation planning

A new 2-minute-to-watch video explains how Britest's roadmap for digital design development and application can be used by organisations in the chemicals-using and process industries to successfully plan for a rapid and effective business introduction of new ways of working based upon emerging digital and modelling based process design, development and control methods.

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John Borland Award jointly recognizes innovations in Process Control Strategy Mapping and Virtual Collaboration

Britest is delighted to announce that our premier award recognizing significant contributions to innovation within the Britest community, has this year been jointly awarded to teams from Biogen for pioneering the development of Process Control Strategy Mapping: A Structured Approach to Identifying Process Control and Sensing Opportunities', and the Britest User Group at AstraZeneca, Macclesfield for work on 'Enabling virtual collaboration with Britest'.

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Britest Process Understanding Day 2021 a virtual success

Britest's annual Process Understanding Day broke new ground by not breaking any ground after being successfully conducted for the first time as an entirely online virtual on the afternoons of Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd January 2021.

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Britest Process Understanding Day 2020 - Call for Papers

Britest invites potential contributors to offer abstracts for consideration for both short oral and poster presentations at Britest Process Understanding Day 2020

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Britest Annual Dinner and Process Understanding Day 2020

Join us for the Britest Annual Dinner and Britest Process Understanding Day 2020: Manchester, UK, 21st & 22nd January 2020

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New online tool put continuous whole process design decision making in your hands

Newly released interactive tools for parallel decision making about whole process design and regulatory considerations around continuous manufacture are available now on the Britest website!

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Particle Informatics: how Digital Design is advancing understanding of particle properties

A new publication arising from the ADDoPT project collaboration describes how a combination of existing and novel approaches has been applied to the assessment and prediction of particle properties intrinsic to the formulation and manufacture of pharmaceuticals via a new, robust workflow applying predictive digital design tools built around the CSD-System software suite.

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Focus article on digital design for pharmaceutical product and process development

Focus article on digital design for pharmaceutical product and process development An "in-depth focus" article in the June 2019 issue of European Pharmaceutical Review looks at how Britest has been working along with others in the ADDoPT collaborative consortium to explore how emerging process

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PDD tool automation wins AZ Britest Innovation Award

Britest would like to extend our congratulatons to the winners of the 2018 John Borland Award for Innovation: Alex Lamacraft and Natalie Monks from AstraZeneca PT&D Chemical Development for The Development and Delivery of an Automated Process Definition Diagram tool.

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Britest Day 2018 - see you there

Britest Day 2018 - see you there! Britest's premier annual showcase and networking event, Britest Day 2018 will take place on Thursday 18th October at the Village Hotel, Warrington, UK. Taking the theme of "Insight into Impact" Britest Day 2018 will feature high quality and impactful talks

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Decision Making Methodology White Paper Published

A newly published white paper by Britest Senior Innovation Specialist Rob Peeling, considers - and offers a methodological approach to counteract - a long-standing frustration in the process industries: the length of time it takes to introduce innovative process technologies.

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Property Mapping - a (Quality) Critical Friend

A recent expansion in the capability of the Britest toolkit is helping process chemists and engineers understand how the properties and performance of the products they are making are influenced by the materials and equipment they are using, and by the processing conditions. Download a recent presentation to find out more.

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Medicines manufacturing - are you up for the challenge?

The £10m Medicines Manufacturing Round 2: Challenge Fund call opens on Monday 12 March 2018, Many of the themes "particularly encouraged" by the call scope match challenges in which the Britest approach has a strong track record, or is potentially well suited to address,

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From Collaborative Projects to Education and Training Resources

From Collaborative Projects to Education and Training Resources It is self-evident that if the process industries are to become more sustainable, current and future workforces must be able to learn about the innovative technologies and approaches being developed in collaborative projects. A

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Reflections on a continuous journey

As 2017 draws to a close, Britest's CEO Gareth Jenkins provides a timely reflection on the interwoven paths trodden towards widespread adoption of continuous manufacturing by the chemicals industry, and the development of the Britest toolkit for capturing and improving process understanding. Over the last few years, Britest has developed and applied a number of support tools for multiple-criterion based business decision making, and 2018 will see more case studies emerging, 

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New conceptual study for butadiene telomerization published

Research arising from the EU's 7th Framework Programme’s SYNFLOW project on which Britest collaborated has resulted in a new, peer-reviewed publication describing a conceptual design study for a butadiene telomerization process.

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Britest to frame thinking on new approaches to decision making for batch to continuous evaluation

Britest to frame thinking on new approaches to decision making for batch to continuous evaluation CEO speaking at 9th Symposium on Flow Chemistry for Industrial Applications Britest's Chief Executive Officer Dr. Gareth Jenkins will be in Barcelona next week, speaking at the latest in a series

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Symposium Report - Continuous Flow Chemistry for Industrial Processes

Symposium Report - Continuous Flow Chemistry for Industrial Processes RSC Symposium, ChemSpec Europe, Münich, Germany, 31st May – 1st June 2017 The production of fine and speciality chemicals is still heavily reliant on batch processes. There is much technology innovation being developed

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Britest CEO in chair at Continuous Flow Symposium

Britest CEO in the chair at International Continuous Flow Chemistry Symposium Gareth Jenkins to chair session at RSC event during Chemspec 2017 Britest Limited is pleased to report that our Chief Executive Officer Dr. Gareth Jenkins will be chairing a session at a forthcoming Royal Society

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Continuous flow catalysis for API synthesis scales up

Continuous Flow Chiral Hydrogenation Scales Up Successfully A new, high-profile scientific paper arising from one of Britest's international collaborative projects , which reports the first development of a continuous flow process for asymmetric hydrogenation with a heterogenized molecular

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Britest and IBioIC partner up to drive innovation

Britest and IBioIC partner to drive innovation Britest has joined forces with the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) to support organisations in delivering innovative process solutions for the growing industrial biotechnology sector. In a reciprocal deal, Britest becomes a

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New £20.4m project set to transform UK pharmaceutical development and manufacturing

New £20.4m project set to transform UK pharmaceutical development and manufacturing Britest is playing a key role in a newly launched major collaborative project that is set to transform the UK pharmaceutical industry by enabling the manufacturing processes of the innovative medicines of the

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Britest to partner in £22m REMEDIES project 

Britest to partner in £22m REMEDIES project Britest’s role in the REMEDIES (RE-configuring MEDIcines End-to-end Supply) project will help the UK pharmaceutical industry develop enhanced process understanding to improve medicines manufacturing and supply. The project was launched in 2014 and has

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Britest launches new data capture and knowledge management tool

Britest launches new data capture and knowledge management tool Britest’s latest venture into software-based tools to support process understanding has been launched following extensive development and testing with member organisations. The Facilitator Support Tool (FST) was showcased at Britest

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Britest to lead European Horizon 2020 sustainability project 

Britest to lead European Horizon 2020 sustainability project Britest is to lead the co-ordination of project STYLE - a two year coordinated support activity across the European process sectors, funded by the Horizon 2020 / SPIRE programme. Launched in January 2015, project STYLE aims to identify

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New methodologies launched to address key business drivers 

New Britest methodologies launched to address key business drivers Britest has launched three new methodologies to help organisations generate value from process understanding by addressing key business drivers. A new Biocatalysis Assessment Methodology is used to assess the techno-economic

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