Britest launches new data capture and knowledge management tool

Britest’s latest venture into software-based tools to support process understanding has been launched following extensive development and testing with member organisations.

The Facilitator Support Tool (FST) was showcased at Britest Members’ Day in November 2014 and is now available to all member organisations.

It is a highly intuitive and user friendly electronic knowledge management and support tool that enables facilitators to carry out Britest studies more effectively and efficiently. The FST tool comes with full guidance notes and support features that enables facilitators to:

  • Britest Facilitator Support Toolcapture data gathered from Britest studies more effectively 
  • save / revisit / revise information
  • pull through data from one tool to another
  • generate reports for presentation or to support decision making      
  • manage follow up actions from a Britest study more efficiently 
  • retain knowledge and data generated in a study for corporate memory 

The Facilitator Support Tool builds on the ChemDecide decision software suite and extends Britest’s capability in supporting members with effective data capture and knowledge management software.

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