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Britest champions effective whole process understanding throughout the chemical, biochemical and related process industries.


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We are a well-respected and agile not-for-profit company recognised internationally as a leading exponent of whole process design for the process industries. Our activities combine work funded and directed by our members, who represent a diverse range of leading global businesses and academic institutions, with flexible, responsive consultancy services for clients of every shape and size. Our dynamic innovation programme sustains a unique suite of tools, which our members and clients can deploy in their everyday activities to derive business value through more productive, competitive, safer and sustainable processes.

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What we do

Our specialist technical facilitators help multidisciplinary development and manufacturing teams within companies, across supply chains, and in collaborative projects turn their working knowledge into impactful process understanding capable of driving innovation. Visually rich information capture and structuring tools enable our clients to assimilate and communicate insight critical to product and process development, successful problem solving and process improvement. The Britest approach has successfully delivered innovative solutions to key process and manufacturing challenges since 2001.

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At the core of Britest is a team of dedicated support specialists. Experts in Britest tools and study methods, they are also skilled technical facilitators, communicators, and mentors - in short all the back up your development and manufacturing teams need to maximise the benefits.

Meet the team

Rob Peeling - Technical Services Director

With a professional lifetime spent in operations and engineering research management roles, Rob knows all about the realities of driving excellence out on the line. He is ideally qualified to help organisations define, structure and translate process knowledge and information into process understanding.

Kirk Malone - Commercial Director

Kirk is passionate about innovation and collaborative R&D having spent his career in interdisciplinary science, and business development, at the interface of academia and industry.

John Henderson - Technical Manager

An experienced industrial chemist, consultant and trainer, equally fascinated by people and processes, John brings bring a personable and flexible approach to technical facilitation and communication on behalf of collaborative projects across the Britest network.