Robinson Brothers

Robinson Brothers Limited is a leading UK chemical manufacturer of intermediates for the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Speciality Chemical industries as well as many others.

Robinson Brothers' team of chemists are experts in custom synthesis, contract manufacture and process optimisation, and the company offers a wide range of custom manufactured intermediates on a commercial scale from kilograms to multi-tonnes, all produced to the highest possible quality and environmental standards.

A founder member of Britest, Robinson Brothers uses Britest tools across their West Midlands site in everything from R&D to operations, from trouble-shooting to process improvement, and the company's project teams have been recognised more than once amongst their Britest peers, most recently for a 2016 process improvement study saving an estimated £57K per annum.

Robinson Brothers has participated in numerous Britest innovation projects, helping inform the development of and gain early access to, amongst other things, novel approaches to understanding how to choose between batch and continuous processing routes, and catalyst selection as part of whole process design. The company has also worked with Britest in the context of external collaborative projects such as the InnovateUK funded "Property Propagation through Process to Product" project to develop a methodology for the formulation of complex multi-phase products, and the current AMSCI ReMediES project into innovative supply chains for pharmaceutical product manufacturing.