Who we are

A proven team of scientifically-grounded and business-minded experts skilled in facilitating effective knowledge transfer, training and deployment of whole process understanding tools


Our Purpose

To invent, develop, promote and disseminate business processes, tools and techniques to improve the way chemical and biochemical and associated processes are designed, developed and implemented.


Our Vision

To help maintain a world class, competitive manufacturing base by providing a structured approach that enables organisations to translate knowledge into business value.

Our Values

Member led, client focused

Britest’s success is underpinned by the value that our clients derive from the successful deployment of our tools. We work equally hard to secure tangible benefits for you today and to assure a sustainable toolkit for the challenges of tomorrow.

Every project is special

One size doesn’t fit all. We use our real-world understanding of the challenges of process R&D and scale-up, and leverage partnerships across the wider knowledge base to provide what our clients deserve - the best possible approach to their particular challenge.

A unique collaborative ethos

We can be trusted to provide a safe space allowing organisations to share knowledge and risk in defining innovative solutions to process and manufacturing challenges.




Our Story

The BRITEST (Best Route Innovative Technology Evaluation and Selection Techniques) project began in 1998 as a UK EPSRC funded collaborative research programme. With partners drawn from leading UK fine chemical / pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions, the aim was to establish radical new process design methodologies that could lead to greater process understanding and drive significant improvements in sustainable manufacturing. The project generated a set of innovative tools and methodologies to analyze product development and manufacturing processes to show where and how major improvements could be made.

In 2001, Britest was established as a not-for-profit SME company to retain and manage the intellectual property emanating from the project and to enable partners to further develop outputs and ensure effective deployment of the tools into their organisations. Since then Britest has evolved into a leading international authority on sustainable process innovation with clients and partners drawn from a diverse range of global industry sectors and academic institutions. Today the Britest approach is an exemplary model for how outputs from research and innovation projects can be effectively exploited.





Our Future

Britest’s evolution continues to ensure that we can meet - and exceed - the demands of modern manufacture. Our methodologies have expanded to take in important aspects of bioprocessing, broader whole supply chain understanding and new ways of working in an increasingly digitalized world. We work with agility across time zones and continents, with actors in distributed value chains, and linking across traditional functional boundaries such as those between drug substance and drug product development in pharmaceuticals manufacture.



The Britest Team

Meet the team


Kirk Malone - Commercial Director

Kirk is passionate about innovation and collaborative R&D having spent his career in interdisciplinary science, and business development, at the interface of academia and industry.

John Henderson - Technical Manager

An experienced industrial chemist, consultant and trainer, equally fascinated by people and processes, John brings bring a personable and flexible approach to technical facilitation and communication on behalf of collaborative projects across the Britest network.

Emma Maun - Operations Director

Emma's organisational skills and tireless commitment to customer satisfaction, acquired in the demanding environment of world class hospitality provision, are put to work ensuring that Britest's events, meetings, and training go without a hitch. If you need it, Emma can sort it.