About Us

Britest was established in 2001 as a not-for-profit, membership-based company. The objectives of the company are to:

"invent, develop, promote and disseminate business processes, tools and techniques to improve the way chemical and biochemical and associated processes are designed, developed and implemented."

All our members have access to the Britest IP covering a range of tools and methodologies (as well as knowledge and enabling skills) generated through the  unique collaborative ethos under which we operate.

To have a world class, competitive manufacturing base, companies need to develop leading edge knowledge that makes best use of new and emerging technologies in the design of manufacturing processes. Britest tools and expertise provide a structured approach that enables organisations to translate knowledge into business value. 

The Britest approach

A Unique Collaborative Ethos

Our members work together pre-competitively to share knowledge and risk in defining innovative solutions to process and manufacturing challenges. This enables them to define and develop innovative tools - and gain value from their effective deployment - far more quickly than they could do individually. 

Members also contribute in-kind resources to a shared Innovation Programme that drives the development of new tools and enhanced methodologies to address key industrial challenges. This is supplemented by our participation in external collaborative projects addressing  more medium to long term innovation challenges.  

Members derive tangible business value through the structured deployment of outputs of the Innovation Programme, supported by professional training, mentoring and facilitation services led by Britest’s Innovation Specialists.