Britest Value 

Our success is underpinned by the value added by the successful deployment of Britest tools. To date, Britest users have collectively realised in excess of £1 billion of value.

Examples are documented in case studies and shared amongst our members through user meetings and our annual Members' Day networking event. Value is derived from:

Improved profitability/long term sustainability:

  • Higher product yield / more consistent product quality 
  • Waste / energy reductions
  • Reduced capital / operating costs
  • Robust, well understood processes
  • Reduced business risk from knowledge sharing
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Improved knowledge and inter-disciplinary team working:

  • Capturing and retention of process knowledge
  • Better understanding of processes / complex operational issues
  • Establishing shared vision/common language

Britest Value Proposition

Members also benefit from: 

  • Full training and facilitation support in the practical application of Britest tools to generate success rapidly
  • Access to Britest Innovation Specialists to lead and / or co-facilitate Britest studies
  • Worked examples and peer group interaction providing best practice guidance in use of tools
  • Being part of a unique collaborative environment that uses the skills and knowledge of member organisations, working together to accelerate innovation in process design.
  • Strategic input to a long term vision for sustainable manufacturing.