Whole Process Understanding

Britest offers you an approach towards whole process understanding-based modelling and design that moves beyond mechanistic 'what' thinking to a holistic consideration of 'why' you are modelling/designing.

  • Identify where the value is in a process and where to target efforts in order to derive maximum benefit
  • Understand the fundamental science driving a process and ways you can influence this in order to enhance value.
  • Take process understanding beyond ‘big data’ and identify the critical variables of most influence
  • Build a detailed understanding of a process and consider optimisation tools in order to achieve your Operational Excellence goals.
  • Use process understanding to select equipment that can deliver the fundamental requirements of the process.
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of the process in order to build the right qualitative or quantitative process models.

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Whole Process Understanding - Case Studies

KUDOS - Sharing collective process insight

Right across the process industries manufacturers use similar unit operations and face similar challenges as they strive to optimise their performance. At the same time, collaborative research projects often struggle to disseminate fresh insights about process technologies widely and in ways that endure. Britest Knowledge and Understanding Domains (KUDOS) collate process understanding, generated through projects, in a form that allows process sector companies to learn about different process operations and challenges.

4 May 2018

Increasing Production of a Speciality Chemical by 50% to meet demand

This case study describes how a Britest study enabled an internal cross-functional team at Robinson Brothers Limited to rapidly identify and implement process changes designed to improve efficiency and up time, making it possible to support extra sales of ~£1M p.a.

27 Nov 2017

A Structured Approach to Whole Process Review

Read how Britest has enabled biotechnology pioneers Biogen to conduct a structured review of manufacturing operations with an end-to-end view of the entire manufacturing process in order to guarantee product quality and robustness.

10 Nov 2017

Supporting Complex Decision Making in Route Selection

For complex, multiple step separations there are often many possible routes to the end product. This is exacerbated if several products are to be manufactured from a single feed-stream. Faced with this challenge, Johnson Matthey turned to Britest tools and methodologies to find the optimal process route for separation of platinum group metals.

17 Oct 2017

Process Options - Balancing Development Risk and Commercial Opportunity

In process development several potentially viable options may be on the table, each with its own complicated risk - reward relationship. This case study from Johnson Matthey shows how a process development team used Britest to make  progress in deciding between several process options with disparate project/developmental risks and potential commercial impact.without sacrificing appropriate rigour in their decision making process.

10 Sep 2017

Gap Analysis at the Start of New Process Development

Britest facilitation of a process for open dialogue between manufacturers, equipment providers and key stakeholders provided the framework for dialogue needed for Johnson Matthey to engage in a collaborative research and development programme to develop an improvement approach to recycling Platinum Group Metals. Beneficial outcomes were minimisation of research risk, identification of uncertainty, and stakeholder buy-in.

10 Aug 2017

Supporting scale-up in an innovative start-up business

Conductive Organics, is a University of Strathclyde spin-out company, working to produce the next generation of conductive organic materials for use in emerging technologies such as Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED's). A Britest study enabled Conductive Organics to address the challenge of scaling-up the synthesis of the key organic compound at the heart of their innovative formulations, and to gather underpinning information to support their emerging business plan.

18 May 2017

Rapid optimisation of a new process in Pharmaceutical API manufacture

Read how Britest successfully provided the structured approach needed by a process development centre within a large multi-national pharmaceutical business to optimise a new process in a very short time period.

12 Aug 2014

Collaboration, customer focus and value creation - delivering JM's core values

Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies develops and manufactures coated catalyst systems for automotive applications. This case study exemplifies a typical study where Britest tools act as a focus to bring together different disciplines and business locations in collaborative programmes allowing JM to deliver its core values.

13 May 2014

Britest Improvement Study to Increase Throughput by 50%

This case study describes the elements of a Britest throughput improvement study carried out by a custom synthesis manufacturer to meet an identified customer need to increase process throughput by at least 50% within three years, which was successfully delivered by halving batch times.

13 Jul 2013

Technology Transfer Made Easy in a Contract Manufacturing Organisation

Read how a Britest facilitator was able to help a contract manufacturing organisation who did not know the Britest tools identify a common language for effective technology transfer.

6 Jun 2013

Challenging ideas on an established manufacturing process

How do you reduce costs and drive value when you've been operating a process for 25 years? This Britest study with a fine chemical company did exactly that by challenging established idea of what was and wasn't optimal in the process chemistry to speed up and simplify the reaction route.

12 Apr 2012