Building a Britest toolkit for Sustainable Innovation report available now

Written as a reflection on the pressures and opportunities facing the process industries post-COP26, and the need to marry up technological innovation with broader understanding of sustainability drivers and value chains more effectively than ever before, Britest's latest white paper release Building a Britest toolkit for Sustainable Innovation describes how a number of current and foreseen developments in the Britest approach are well aligned with these needs in areas including mapping of value flows in the Circular Economy, scale-up and commercialisation of Biotechnology, and Process Intensification.

Download "Building a Britest Toolkit for Sustainable Innovation" report now

The report outlines recent expansion in thinking about whole process representation to describe and explore supply-process-service systems in the form of a Supply Chain Definition Diagram (SCDD), and methodologies for setting commercialisation objectives for innovation projects and Process Intensification using the Britest toolkit.