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New project to pilot selective recovery of pure plastics from multi-materials waste

Britest is to facilitate enhanced impact of the new MultiCycle project, a three-year EC Horizon 2020 Innovation Action which will deliver an industrial recycling pilot plant for thermoplastic-based multi-materials allowing selective recovery of pure plastics and fibres from mixed wastes without downgrading. Britest will be applying insight into building effective, flexible training resources from previous projects, and piloting the SPRING framework for enhanced project impact in the EC SPIRE process industries..

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From Collaborative Projects to Education and Training Resources

From Collaborative Projects to Education and Training Resources It is self-evident that if the process industries are to become more sustainable, current and future workforces must be able to learn about the innovative technologies and approaches being developed in collaborative projects. A…

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Britest to lead European Horizon 2020 sustainability project 

Britest is to lead the co-ordination of project STYLE - a two year coordinated support activity across the European process sectors, funded by the Horizon 2020 / SPIRE programme. Launched in January 2015, project STYLE aims to identify and deliver a practical 'toolkit' that can…

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