LevWave - scalable platform chemicals from industrial side streams: a video introduction

In a newly released video, LevWave project principal investigator Dr. Silvia Tedesco of Manchester Metropolitan University explains how the InnovateUK funded proof of concept project is exploring the feasibility of turning a significant industrial process side stream - paper mill sludge - into the strategically important platform chemical Levulinic Acid.

Britest's Martin Edwards joins representatives of key partners MMU and Drochaid Research to briefly explain their roles in the project which runs through 2021.

In LevWave, Britest is working with our partners to assess the commercial opportunities for the LevWave technology (which uses a combination of catalysis and microwave heating to enhance conversion). This involves targeted use of the Britest tools in an early stage sustainability assessment, an evaluation of the business case, and a scale-up risk assessment, all important contributors to maximizing the future impact of the project.