What we do

Britest owns and applies a suite of proprietary process understanding tools and methodologies that have been developed and honed through many years of practice and collaboration.  We work with you to deploy the Britest approach as works best in your organisation in order to...

...for sustainable excellence!

Underpinned by Technical Facilitation

Our knowledgeable and experienced innovation specialists  facilitate dialogue at the technical level to unlock underutilised knowledge and build effective communications across teams, functions, sites and supply chains.

We help clients to tackle questions like:

  • We've run this process for years, but it's gradually getting worse - why?
  • We've got a process that we've run for many years, which we think is optimised, how can we squeeze more out of it?
  • How do we avoid unintentional consequences when making process changes?
  • We have to have dual suppliers; both materials are in spec, but they're not the same - why?
  • I'm looking to add a new product to our portfolio, how do I know I can be competitive?
  • How can we diversify our product lines with minimal changes to our process?
  • How can I get different departments and disciplines to work together more effectively?
  • How can we learn from experience to avoid solving the same problem over and over again?

...and many more!

A global collaborative network

Using our extensive international networks, and through  effective collaboration in research programmes and policy shaping activities around innovation, Britest provides an informed perspective, and acts as a positive influencer, helping to scan and shape future horizons.

Britest's unique collaborative ethos and ability to facilitate pre-competitive dialogue enable us to create "safe spaces" and facilitate mechanisms for knowledge sharing where our Advocates and users can engage with one another and with new partners to identify opportunities that would otherwise go unrealised. 

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