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Multi-site facilitation best practice guide updated

Britest's highly practical best practice guide to multi-site facilitation has just been updated and is available now as a free download for registered Britest users.

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New conceptual study for butadiene telomerization published

Research arising from the EU's 7th Framework Programme’s SYNFLOW project on which Britest collaborated has resulted in a new, peer-reviewed publication describing a conceptual design study for a butadiene telomerization process.

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Continuous flow catalysis for API synthesis scales up

A new, high-profile scientific paper arising from one of Britest's international collaborative projects , which reports the first development of a continuous flow process for asymmetric hydrogenation with a heterogenized molecular catalyst in a real industrial context, has been selected as an “ACS…

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A practical guide to PI

Dr Jeremy M Double presents a practical guide to Process Intensification and how this can lead to delivery of commercial gains. Writing for the The Chemical Engineer (TCE) - a leading industry journal - Jeremy outlines why it is important to choose the right targets to intensify. The…

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