Focus article on digital design for pharmaceutical
product and process development

An "in-depth focus" article in the June 2019 issue of European Pharmaceutical Review looks at how Britest has been working along with others in the ADDoPT collaborative consortium to explore how emerging process understanding and predictive models can be applied and embedded within industrial workflows to enhance decision making and accelerate development.

The article, which was led by Britest Technical Communications Specialist John Henderson, provides an outline of the context and drivers for, as well as some of the challenges of, adoption of digital approaches in the pharma industry, and goes on to outline three industrial case studies arising from the recently completed four-year project.

The selected case studies cover

  • the use of computational modelling and big data to overcome a processing challenge (tablet sticking)
  • understanding how to use powder characteristic properties to predict powder flow, and
  • utilisation of a process model to improve the efficiency of a complex process (twin screw granulation). 

Further information on these examples and several other ADDoPT case studies can be found on the ADDoPT website.