The Britest Team

The Britest team comprises a group of highly experienced individuals with complementary skills and a strong track record in facilitating effective knowledge transfer, training and deployment of Britest`s tools into organisations.

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Rob Peeling - Technical Services Director

With a professional lifetime spent in operations and engineering research management roles, Rob knows all about the realities of driving excellence out on the line. He is ideally qualified to help organisations define, structure and translate process knowledge and information into process understanding.

Emma Maun - Operations Director

Emma's organisational skills and tireless commitment to customer satisfaction, acquired in the demanding environment of world class hospitality provision, are put to work ensuring that Britest's events, meetings, and training go without a hitch. If you need it, Emma can sort it.

Kirk Malone - Commercial Director

Kirk is passionate about innovation and collaborative R&D having spent his career in interdisciplinary science, and business development, at the interface of academia and industry.

John Henderson - Technical Manager

An experienced industrial chemist, consultant and trainer, equally fascinated by people and processes, John brings bring a personable and flexible approach to technical facilitation and communication on behalf of collaborative projects across the Britest network.