Technical Facilitation

At Britest facilitation isn't 'just' a matter of understanding your group dynamics so that everyone can play nicely. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced innovation specialists are experts at helping teams discover underused and often implicit knowledge of processes and systems.

We work with - and mentor others who work with - internal project teams, assembled actors in often complex supply chain relationships, and formal and informal collaborative groupings of all sorts. We help teams;

  • Define issues, agree objectives and outcomes, understand constraints and identify knowledge gaps;
  • Establish a common language for better communication across multi-disciplinary teams, aiding scale-up, technology transfer and continuous improvement;
  • Challenge established thinking by assessing processes independent of scale and equipment;
  • Validate ideas and assumptions against fundamental science and process understanding;
  • Think visually and temporally about processes and systems, to address 'why' and 'when' questions as well as 'what';
  • Capture and record information to aid decision making and enhance corporate memory.

To discuss how you can benefit from Britest technical facilitation, contact us today.