Technical Facilitation

At Britest facilitation isn't 'just' a matter of understanding your group dynamics so that everyone can play nicely. Technical facilitation underpins everything we do to deliver value for our clients.

Britest's highly knowledgeable and experienced innovation specialists are experts at helping teams discover underused and often implicit knowledge of processes and systems. We work with (and mentor others who work with) internal project teams, assembled actors in complex supply chain relationships, and formal and informal collaborative groupings of all sorts. We help teams;

  • Define issues, agree objectives and outcomes, understand constraints and identify knowledge gaps;
  • Establish a common language for better communication across multi-disciplinary teams, aiding scale-up, technology transfer and continuous improvement;
  • Challenge established thinking by assessing processes independent of scale and equipment;
  • Validate ideas and assumptions against fundamental science and process understanding;
  • Think visually and temporally about processes and systems, to address 'why' and 'when' questions as well as 'what';
  • Capture and record information to aid decision making and enhance corporate memory.

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Technical Facilitation - Case Studies

KUDOS - Sharing collective process insight

Right across the process industries manufacturers use similar unit operations and face similar challenges as they strive to optimise their performance. At the same time, collaborative research projects often struggle to disseminate fresh insights about process technologies widely and in ways that endure. Britest Knowledge and Understanding Domains (KUDOS) collate process understanding, generated through projects, in a form that allows process sector companies to learn about different process operations and challenges.

4 May 2018

Optimising Plant Changeover / Cleaning Processes

A Britest methodology to support the optimisation of changeover/cleaning processes was used to help FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants address capacity constraints. Improvements to significantly time-consuming steps, and opportunities for improvements to existing CIP equipment were identified, along with a more ambitious opportunity to reduce the cleaning cycle time from 2-3 days to 12 hours through targeted use of a key cleaning solvent.

17 Jan 2018

A Structured Approach to Whole Process Review

Read how Britest has enabled biotechnology pioneers Biogen to conduct a structured review of manufacturing operations with an end-to-end view of the entire manufacturing process in order to guarantee product quality and robustness.

10 Nov 2017

Gap Analysis at the Start of New Process Development

Britest facilitation of a process for open dialogue between manufacturers, equipment providers and key stakeholders provided the framework for dialogue needed for Johnson Matthey to engage in a collaborative research and development programme to develop an improvement approach to recycling Platinum Group Metals. Beneficial outcomes were minimisation of research risk, identification of uncertainty, and stakeholder buy-in.

10 Aug 2017

Use of Britest to aid Communication and Problem Solving

Read how the use of the Britest tools and approach encouraged chemists and engineers in a large manufacturing organisation to address a problem in pressure filtration which had been dragging on for three years - saving the business £500K a year. 

12 Dec 2016

Britest Methodology Implementation in Specialist Additive Manufacturing and Formulation

This case study summarises how Infineum and Britest together developed an approach to effectively embed Britest in the organisation and the value gained.

12 Oct 2013

Technology Transfer Made Easy in a Contract Manufacturing Organisation

Read how a Britest facilitator was able to help a contract manufacturing organisation who did not know the Britest tools identify a common language for effective technology transfer.

6 Jun 2013