Britest to frame thinking on new approaches to decision making for batch to continuous evaluation

CEO speaking at 9th Symposium on Flow Chemistry for Industrial Applications

Britest's Chief Executive Officer  Dr. Gareth Jenkins will be in Barcelona next week, speaking at the latest in a series of international profile events for executive chemists, engineers and business developers in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry. Dr. Jenkins will be conveying the latest thinking from Britest on the potential for new approaches to techno-economic decision making for batch to continuous evaluation to the audience at the 9th Symposium on Flow Chemistry for Industrial Applications, being held at The University of Barcelona from 14th - 16th November 2017.

Continuous coming of age

Informed opinion is increasingly coming round to a view that  continuous processing technology is finally coming of age, as the interlinked enabling innovations in technology, ways of working, skills and business cultural acceptance approach readiness together, however at Britest we recognise that decisions for individual businesses, processes and products are inherently complex, and the information on which they are based almost inevitably involves a degree of uncertainty. 

Gareth Jenkins believes that this is an piece of the batch to continuous puzzle where Britest can come into its own. "The Britest approach to decision making takes account of, but is not paralysed by, uncertainty when building a business case. We have already gained considerable insight through collaborations such as the  Synflow and F3 Factory projects and we believe that this and new collaborations make us well placed to contribute to accelerating industry's capacity to take advantage of the benefits offered by continuous flow chemistry."

The Britest approach to decision making takes account of, but is not paralysed by, uncertainty when building a business case - Gareth Jenkins 

Systematic approaches towards the batch to continuous transition were high on the agenda at the recent Britest Day gathering of Britest's members and collaborators, where delegates were able to get an update on our strategic involvement in international collaborative projects, and progress already made towards building a value proposition around enhancing the quality of the decision making process using the Britest tools:

  • Combined technical and economic aspects in one decision
  • Fully documented and justified decisions
  • Collective responsibility and consensus
  • Two-way communication between business and technologists

Gareth Jenkins will be speaking at 9.10am on Thursday 16th November. If you are going to be there, or if you would like to know more about Britest's activities and capabilities in this area, contact Gareth Jenkins or Rob Peeling.

More reading: Gareth Jenkin's reflections on the RSC Symposium in Continuous Flow Chemistry for Industrial Processes, at ChemSpec Europe, Münich, May 2017