Britest and IBioIC partner to drive innovation

Britest has joined forces with the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) to support organisations in delivering innovative process solutions for the growing industrial biotechnology sector.

In a reciprocal deal, Britest becomes a Network Member of IBioIC (which represent a broad spectrum of the industrial biotechnology community) and IBioIC becomes a Strategic Partner of Britest.

The arrangement will provide opportunities for both organisations to promote their services and support offerings to their respective member organisations and wider networks. It also provides a framework for greater collaboration in the delivery of innovation and skills that will enable industrial biotechnology companies to succeed in this important and developing sector of the process industry.

Britest’s Technical Director Mark Talford said: “Collaboration is a key route to the successful development and exploitation of innovative products and processes. Our partnership with IBioIC will enable us to develop and validate our emerging toolkit to support the bioprocessing community in developing whole process understanding."

IBioIC logoAbout industrial biotechnology: Industrial biotechnology (IB) is the use of biological sources to produce or process materials, chemicals or energy. For example, plants can be processed to produce biofuels or plastics as an alternative to crude oil, algae strains could be used in cosmetics or chemicals extracted from marine life to replace synthetics.

IBioIC’s role is as a specialist in the Industrial Biotechnology (IB) sector, designed to stimulate the growth and success of the IB industry in Scotland by connecting the dots between industry, academia and government. It represents all four colours of IB, facilitating collaborations and guiding organisations from concept to industry adoption.

1 March 2016