Video: Britest support to Digital Implementation planning

A new 2-minute-to-watch video explains how Britest's roadmap for digital design development and application can be used by organisations in the chemicals-using and process industries to successfully plan for a rapid and effective business introduction of new ways of working based upon emerging digital and modelling based process design, development and control methods.

The roadmap builds upon Britest's experience within the 4-year ADDoPT collaboration, where Britest's innovation specialists worked with partners from across the pharmaceutical sector’s digital value chain to map digital workflows to the needs of the sector,

Providing a basis for a tailored, in-house support service for any business team facing up to the simultaneous opportunity and challenge of harnessing the power of digitalization in their organisation, the roadmap is readily transferrable to to other parts of the chemicals using industries, and represents a significant extension to Britest's specialist technical facilitation offering.

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