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New task library expands armoury for visually presenting processes

A new "task library" supporting the use of the Britest Process Definition Diagram (PDD) tool substantially expands the armoury of ready-made task representations available to Britest facilitators and practitioners, and helps create better PDDs faster.

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Innovation award recognizes JM's use of Britest tools in hazard studies

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 John Borland Award for Innovation: Alejandro Santana, Loretta Wong, David Johns, and Antonio Zanotti-Gerosa, from Johnson Matthey for their use of Britest tools in hazard studies for multi-purpose reconfigurable plant.

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PDD tool automation wins AZ Britest Innovation Award

Britest would like to extend our congratulatons to the winners of the 2018 John Borland Award for Innovation: Alex Lamacraft and Natalie Monks from AstraZeneca PT&D Chemical Development for The Development and Delivery of an Automated Process Definition Diagram tool.

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