Britest ECR 2023 - Early Career Researchers’ Event

Thursday 19th October, 13:00 – 16:00 BST

B​ritest is pleased to announce a new addition to our mix of membership and network focused events, our first Early Career Researchers' Event, Britest ECR 2023, which will take place online on the afternoon of Thursday 19th October 2023.

Primarily aimed at anyone embarking upon or building a career in a research supervisory or first technical management role* in either the context of industrial R&D or academic research related to the process industries Britest ECR 2023 will provide you with the chance to


  • Build your profile in a friendly community of shared interest
  • Get new ideas and fresh perspectives on common challenges faced by others in a similar position to yourself
  • Spot opportunities and start shaping collaborations across the Britest network.



T​he afternoon will feature

  • Shared stories of applications of the Britest toolkit in industrial and academic research
  • A showcase of emerging approaches arising from R&D in chemistry, biotech, and process engineering
  • A glimpse into the world of ‘Britest and Beyond’: covering innovation in approaches to establishing sustainable processes and products rooted in whole process understanding.


W​e believe...

t​hat the culture amongst researchers in the chemical sciences is evolving away from forceful, male-dominated and solely publication-driven management to a more inclusive, equitable, and respect-based approach which values performance in more holistic ways, and

that mentoring and supporting early career researchers, and promoting opportunities to excel for talent from a diversity of backgrounds and circumstances, makes good business sense and aligns with core values that we can all share.



P​rovisional Programme (subject to confirmation)




E​mma Maun, Britest



The World of Britest

John Henderson, Britest



Ways of working with Britest in AZ

Konstantina Pappa & Brendan Nixon, AstraZeneca



B​ritest applied to flow chemistry

A​my Flinn & Joe Henderson, Robinson Brothers



Process Understanding and Sustainability

Rob Peeling, Britest







Circular Composites from Cellulosic Textile Waste

Ashley Victoria, University of Leeds



An eye on the environment: impacts and ecotoxicity

Susana Loureiro, CESAM, University of Aveiro



Collaborative opportunities: "W​inning friends and influencing people"

Kirk Malone, Britest



Meeting closes




Interested? If you'd like to attend Britest ECR 2023 (there is no cost to attend for delegates from Britest member organisations and invited guests) please let us know by e-mail to Emma Maun in the first instance.

Get in touch now!



*Please note: ​We are not applying any formal qualification criteria to attend this event. In fact we hope that other members of the Britest community who are a little further down the road of their career might like to come along to share their experiences and contribute to the discussions.