Training for more effective knowledge transfer between Scientists and Chemical Engineers

Presented by Britest specialists in technical facilitation in association with Scientific Update

19th - 21st NOVEMBER 2019

Madrid, Spain

Back by popular demand this essential three-day training course for R&D Scientists and Engineers from other disciplines, who may find themselves at a disadvantage when working in process research and development because of their lack of knowledge about the basic principles of chemical engineering, or when considering the whole process.

Developed, and presented, by Britest's team of specialists in technical facilitation and knowledge transfer across disciplines and at the interface between R&D and manufacturing, this unique course doesn't dwell on the mathematics of chemical engineering design, but instead focuses on what other disciplines need to know about the information and data that chemical engineers need for design, scale-up and process troubleshooting.

A very good course, covering important fundamentals of chem engineering and relating them to practical applications (previous attendee)

Topics covered - Flow of Fluids,Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer and Separation Processes, Reaction Engineering, and Process Safety - are described in more detail in the course brochure, which is available along with a simple online registration form at the  Course Details and Registration Page on Scientific Update's website.

If you would like to discuss the course informally with one of the tutors, please contact Britest's  Rob Peeling.