The John Borland Award for Innovation

The John Borland Award for Innovation was established by the Board in 2016 to mark the significant contribution to the development of Britest by the late  John N. Borland, a pioneer of the Britest approach and a champion of innovative thinking.

It is awarded annually by the Board of Directors to a person or persons who, in the opinion of Britest's Scientific Advisory Board, has made a significant contribution to innovation within the Britest community.

Registered Britest users may find further details of how to apply for the John Borland Award here.


YearAward RecipientsFor
2021Jointly awarded to:
Daniel R. Hill, Oliver Steinhof, John Paul Smelko, and Robert Guenard, Biogen and Shaun Hughes, AstraZeneca

Process Control Strategy Mapping: A Structured Approach to Identifying Process Control and Sensing Opportunities
2020Alejandro Santana, Loretta Wong, David Johns, and Antonio Zanotti-Gerosa, Johnson Matthey
Use of Britest tools in hazard studies for multi-purpose reconfigurable plant
2018Alex Lamacraft and Natalie Monks, AstraZeneca
Development and delivery of an Automated Process Definition Diagram tool
2017Gavin Reynolds, AstraZeneca, and Martin Edwards, Britest LimitedThe Development of Property Mapping to link Britest Tools with the Digital Design of Drug Product
2016 Kirsty MacLachlan, Professor Jarka Glassey, Newcastle University, and Dr. Charles Gordon, Britest Limited
The Application of Britest tools to Bioprocessing