Britest launches ChemDecide decision software tool

Britest has launched a suite of software for analysing complex decision problems after an intensive period of development and testing with member organisations.

ChemDecide is a highly intuitive tool with a user-friendly interface that guides individuals or groups through a structured process for addressing complex decision problems where there are a set number of alternatives.

The ChemDecide suite contains four software tools, one for structuring a decision problem (Decision Setup) and three for analysing a decision problem (ChemDecide-AHP, ChemDecide-MARE and ChemDecide-RANK). Each of the analysis tools can utilise both subjective (qualitative) and measurable (quantitative) information and handle uncertainty.   

The tool was developed by Dr Richard Hodgett as part of his Ph.D.research at Newcastle University which was sponsored by Britest. A number of Britest member organisations have been extensively involved in alpha and beta testing of the tool leading up to launch at Members’ Day 2014. It has been used successfully to aid route selection, chemical storage, equipment selection and sourcing decisions, however, its highly flexible and structured nature means that it can be used effectively for almost any complex decision problem.

ChemDecide software suite