The University of Nottingham

Nottingham has a reputation for excellence in both teaching and research. Its expertise in novel chemistries and engineering, and multi-disciplinary interest in sustainability provides valuable input to a range of innovation challenges identified by Britest members in the areas of chemical, physical and bio-processing.

Bringing a strongly interdisciplinary approach to research involving chemistry, engineering and the business school, the University of Nottingham has a strong international reputation in driving innovation in sustainable process design. The growing research capacity of the University's international campuses in China and Malaysia offer additional opportunities for effective collaboration in Sustainable Chemical and Biological Processing.

All of this provides a valuable contribution to the Britest innovation programme, where amongst other things Nottingham has played a role in projects around catalyst selection experimental prioritisation. In the external collaborative arena, the University of Nottingham and Britest were both partners on the SYNFLOW Innovative Synthesis in Continuous-Flow Processes for Sustainable Chemical Production project under the EU's 7th Framework Programme.