Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences

The Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES) is an autonomous national research institute under Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). It provides highly trained R&D manpower through a strong science base, and develops technology and infrastructure to support future growth.

ICES has grown rapidly since its foundation in 2002, establishing world leading laboratories, pilot facilities, and the necessary infrastructure to carry out a world class research programme in chemistry and chemical engineering sciences. ICES has the capability to cover the range of activities from exploratory research to process development, optimisation and problem solving, and can go from very small lab scale right to kg and pilot scale in one organisation, with all of the necessary skills directly at hand and integrated into a project oriented environment.

Prof. Paul Sharratt, Principal Scientist at ICES and Head of the Process Science and Modelling group, has been a long standing and highly influential member of the Britest community, leading the team developing the initial set of process understanding tools at UMIST in the original BRITEST research collaboration, and going on to serve as a Britest Board member for UMIST and now for ICES. Paul also continues to play an active part in steering the Britest Innovation programme through the Innovation Strategy Committee, and the Scientific Advisory Board.

As a member of Britest, ICES use the established methodologies and the Britest proprietary toolkit of innovative process design techniques that have been developed through unique collaborations amongst industry and academic leaders. With its strong focus on fundamental process science and mechanistic modelling, and collaborative approach with other leading academic institutions throughout the world, ICES is well positioned to leverage this by undertaking specific research activity to develop new methodologies and tools compatible with the established Britest toolkit. Research at ICES is contributing to the Britest innovation programme in areas including batch to continuous processing, process safety, formulation process understanding and PAT strategy. With several Britest members having assets or interests in Singapore, there is dual benefit in ICES and Britest working together on the key processing challenges that are important to future economic growth and sustainability.