ReMediES Legacy Training

The ReMediES (RE-configuring MEDIcines End-to-end Supply) project was a 2014-2018 broad-based collaboration examining how the multi-billion pound global medicines manufacture and supply sector could be reshaped to meet the needs, expectations and budgets of the 21st Century.

The player below provides a self-guided journey through legacy training materials developed by Britest and Cogent Skills under ReMediES, covering Parallel Decision making in Drug Product Whole Process Design and Regulatory Implications of Continuous Processing.

It includes:

  • an overview of the ReMediES project
  • a summary of process options from API Particle formation through to dosage form fabrication
  • a decision tree for processing options for each area of manufacture and for selected ReMediES technologies
  • an interactive tool for tracking process decision making and the impacts of decisions made on options availability in other areas
  • an exemplifying case study, and
  • considerations on how regulatory principles apply to continuous processing.