Britest welcomes Merck Chemicals UK

Merck logoIn an extension to its collaborative business model, Britest is pleased to announce that the Technical Centre of Merck Chemicals UK has become the first Britest Associate.

This new level of engagement with Britest offers the opportunity for smaller organisations or business units of larger organisations to access a range of Britest tools and services to support process challenges.

Associate status is about meeting business needs flexibly, explains Britest Commercial Director Andrew Smalley, 

"Whilst we believe that Britest’s unique value proposition is most completely delivered through full Membership, we also recognise that many organisations need to be able to create and then showcase the value that can be gained from a Britest study in order to gain traction for more widespread involvement in the Britest innovation and collaboration model."

Merck is introducing the Britest approach to its polymer research development activities in the UK to help improve inter-disciplinary engagement and aid more effective process development and scale up. Commenting on the development, Merck’s Performance Materials Global Platform R&D Director Owen Lozman, said,

“Merck’s Performance Materials business is driven by using chemistry to materialise a physical effect. The final performance of our customer’s devices relies on the chemicals and inks having the desired purity and physical form. Merck has a long established reputation in process development and high purity manufacturing and the Britest tools and methods are an excellent fit to further augment the existing toolkit and expertise and to help build quality by design as early as possible in the R&D process.”

Smalley added, “We look forward to supporting Merck Chemicals in gaining full value from use of the Britest toolkit in 2016 and hopefully wider engagement with the Merck Group in due course.”

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4th April 2016