Online Britest: Turbo charging remote whole process understanding studies

Received wisdom would have it that facilitation is a contact sport. It's not hard to understand why, but recent tumultuous events have made us all look afresh at all sorts of aspects of the way we live and work.

Recent experience has convinced us that not only can Britest work effectively with our clients when we can't all be in the same place, but (with a little bit of careful preparation) far from being a barrier to knowledge sharing, applying best in class online collaboration tools can dramatically enhance the capacity of a Britest session to deliver insightful results productively and efficiently.

In this 31st March 2020 webinar Britest's Mark Talford and Rob Peeling discuss and demonstrate

  • how removing the constraint of gathering the whole team in a single location opens up new possibilities in the speed and flexibility of when studies can be conducted, and 
  • how we are using online tools to gather and structure process knowledge in engaging and interactive ways with our clients, and rapidly turning the results into actionable, value-adding whole process understanding.

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