Britest’s 2010 Members’ Day focuses on Value & Collaboration

Over 60 delegates - representing member organisations and guests from industry and academia across the world - recently gathered to review the global challenges and collaborative opportunities for innovative developments in process design at Britest’s 7th Annual Member’s Day.

The agenda for the day focused on two key themes:

  • thevalue gained by member organisation from using the tools and methodologies developed under Britest’s Innovation Programme
  • opportunities and benefits of participating in global collaborative programmes.

 Deriving Value from Britest Tools and Methodologies

Case study presentations from Anglo American, Chemie Uetikon, Hovione, Johnson Matthey and Pfizer articulated how use of Britest tools and methodologies had helped solve important business/operational challenges, secure new business, increase sales and extend whole process design concepts to other business units within their respect organisations. This was preceded by an introductory presentation from Britest’s newest member organisation - Procter & Gamble – on their objectives and desire to participate in key aspects of Britest’s technical innovation programme.

It is conservatively estimated that Britest Member organisations have collectively derived over £500 million of tangible business value from using Britest tools and methodologies. In addition, numerous intangible benefits such as improved communication and better team working between research, operations and commercial teams have been achieved.

Deriving Value from Creative Collaborations

Collaborative working with - and amongst - member organisations and external collaborators, is a unique and defining feature of Britest. As such, a key aspect of the annual Members’ Day event was a series of presentations and workshops looking at the opportunities, value and benefits that can be derived from participation in creative international collaborations.

Professor Rodney Townsend (SusChem, Europe) provided a highly informative view on the changing landscape and collaborative opportunities in Europe – as presented through the new Public Private sector Partnerships (PPP)

Professor Keith Carpenter (ICES, Singapore) provided a detailed perspective on the emerging opportunities for companies to collaborate in new high value programmes focused on the specialty chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.  

Commenting on the success of the event, Britest’s CEO - Sue Fleet said: “Despite the challenging business environment, it is extremely encouraging to note that our members continue to focus and invest in innovation as a means to achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Britest tools and methodologies are an important part of how this innovation is delivered and I am delighted with our continued progress in this area”.