AMRI extends Britest membership to cover global operations

AMRI has formally extended its membership of Britest to incorporate all its global business entities with effect from 1st April 2011.

Formerly Excelsyn, AMRI’s location in the UK has been a member of Britest since 2006. During this time, the company has both contributed to - and benefited from - the development and implementation of an extensive range of process innovation tools and methodologies arising from Britest’s unique collaborative ethos and Technology Innovation Programme.

Commenting on the move, AMRI’s vice president of chemical development Dr. David Lathbury said: “Our UK operating business has successfully used Britest tools and methodologies to drive process innovation and operating efficiencies for some time. In extending our Britest membership to ‘medium company’ status, we now hope to realise similar process innovations and tangible business benefit for all our global operations at the same time as extending our ‘in kind’ contribution to further developing the Britest toolkit”.

Founded in 1991, AMRI provides scientific services, products and technologies focused on improving the quality of life. AMRI works on drug discovery and development projects and conducts manufacturing of active ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates for many of the world's leading healthcare companies. The company employs over 1,400 employees in the United States, Europe and Asia.

 18 May 2011