Newcastle University

Science, Agriculture & Engineering at Newcastle is an exciting, multi-disciplinary faculty and is structured around ten academic schools, three inter-disciplinary research institutes and ten research centres.

Newcastle's School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials has an international reputation in the fields of process modelling and systems engineering, electrochemical engineering, energy process intensification, and the environment.

Newcastle's interactions with the Britest innovation programme have been both varied and fruitful. The Britest ChemDecide and FST (Facilitator Support) tools arose from the work of a Britest-sponsored Newcastle PhD.student Richard Hodgett, who continues his association with Britest through his current post at the University of Leeds. More recent collaborations have looked at decision making between choosing a bio- or a synthetic chemical processing route, an exploration of the application of Britest tools and methodologies in non-fermentation bio-processing, and approaches to plant cleaning based on fundamental process understanding. Britest and Newcastle were partners in the European Union F3 Factory project defining and validating a new paradigm in modular, sustainable production technology through the development of faster, more flexible and efficient production technology.