About Britest

Britest began in 1998 as a joint industry/academic collaborative research project funded by the UK Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Project partners were drawn from leading UK fine chemical / pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.

The project established collaborative thinking on radical new process design methodologies that could lead to greater understanding and drive significant improvements in sustainable manufacturing.  

Output from this collaborative project generated a set of innovative tools and methodologies which analysed product development and manufacturing processes to show where and how major improvements could be made.   

In 2001, Britest was formally established as a not-for-profit Limited company to:

The name Britest was created from the acronym:
Best Route Innovative Technology Evaluation and Selection Techniques   

Since 2001, Britest has been transformed from a small UK-based company to a leading international authority on process innovation with members drawn from a diverse range of global industry sectors and academic institutions.

All our members have access to the Britest IP covering a range of tools and methodologies (as well as knowledge and enabling skills) generated via unique collaborations amongst members - based on mutual trust and respect.