Tools & Methodologies  

Britest owns a suite of proprietary tools and methodologies that have been developed through collaboration amongst member organisations - working together to address key industry challenges.

Britest's tools and methodologies are improved and expanded continually through novel academic research and active participation of our industrial members in a dynamic, member-defined Innovation Programme. This is supported by Britest's collective participation in external collaborative research.




  A set of qualitative  and semi-quantitative models
  of a process that enable you to capture knowledge
  in a structured way.

  The skills and know-how needed to use Britest tools

effectively, to solve specific problems and

derive maximum value.

Britest tools, methodologies and expertise enable you to... 

Define a process problem, set clear objectives, understand constraints and identify gaps in knowledge to gain shared understanding and team buy-in to desired project outcomes. 

Identify where the value is in a process and where to target efforts in order to derive maximum benefit. 

Establish a common language to facilitate better communication across multi-disciplinary teams, aiding scale-up, technology transfer and continuous improvement. 

Understand the fundamental science driving a process and ways you can influence this in order to enhance value. 

Take process understanding beyond ‘big data’ and identify the variables that influence your process the most

Breakdown complex processes into individual stages and focus effort on those that present the most risk or potential to enhance value. 

Build detailed understanding of a process and consider optimisation tools in order to achieve your Operational Excellence goals

Challenge established thinking by assessing processes independent of scale and equipment in order to identify the best process for your business needs. 

Use process understanding to select equipment that can deliver the fundamental requirements of the process.  

Visualise the science behind what is happening in a process or piece of equipment to understand the mechanisms - whys not just the whats. 

Troubleshoot and analyse a process to understand why things are going wrong and define strategies to overcome problems.

Develop a fundamental understanding of the process in order to build the right qualitative or quantitative process models.   

Capture and record information from process studies to aid decision making and implement knowledge management systems for corporate memory.

Britest Transformation Map Tool

Britest Driving Force Analysis ToolBritest Process Definition Diagram Tool Britest Facilitator Support Tool