Problem Solving

Industrial processes can be capricious beasts, whilst changing commercial or technical demands may mean that even what is working today can become a problem tomorrow. Britest tools and methodologies help process and product developers and operations teams with vital troubleshooting work.

We can help you address issues such as poor quality, unreliability, long turnarounds, unpredictable scale-ups, downtime, high costs and all the rest by;

  • Defining process problems - setting clear objectives, understanding constraints and identifying gaps in knowledge to gain shared understanding and team buy-in to the desired project outcomes;
  • Identifying where value is being lost in a process and where to target efforts to maximise the gains;
  • Breaking down complex processes into individual stages and focusing effort where it is most needed;
  • Visualise the science behind what is happening in a process or piece of equipment to understand the mechanisms - identifying whys, not just whats;.
  • Troubleshooting and analysing to understand root causes and defining overcoming strategies.

Problem Solving - Case Studies

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