Complex Decision Making and Technical Risk Assessment

Taking the step to decide to invest in innovative technology is hard. Innate conservatism and risk aversion are difficult to overcome. A rational, system-based approach is needed to marshal the risks and benefits of change, consider the uncertainty in the data and construct a clear justification on whether to proceed or, equally importantly, to redirect resources elsewhere.

Our approach (for more detail see this  open access white paper) is especially useful at the early stages of project definition and scoping where sound data is sparse or unavailable.

  • Decision Making - Britest can help you identify options with their commercial and technical benefits and risks and assess uncertainty. Our decision-making methodology allows application of a range of proprietary and other algorithms that will enable you to rank the options in terms of business fit.
  • Technical Risk Management – Semi-quantified documentation of technical risks will assist with prioritisation and identification of mitigation strategies, enabling you to monitor and manage process and product development towards lower reduced risk prior to commercialisation.

Complex Decision Making - Case Studies

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