Beyond Operational Excellence 

With established processes the pressure to get the most out of existing assets is relentless. Aging equipment start to generate new problems and with the inevitable turnover in personnel as time passes, original knowledge and understanding of the process may become diluted.

Britest can help by: 

Complementing Lean Six Sigma - drilling down for the underlying scientific explanations for issues highlighted by Lean and Six Sigma investigations adds value by allowing teams to identify robust, understanding-based solutions.

Managing Corporate Knowledge - Britest tools and facilitation methods permanently capture process understanding so that it can be used throughout the life of your assets. Knowledge and experience are easily and effectively shared through visually rich, and scientifically sound documentation.

Empowering People - Through structured technology transfer people at all levels in your manufacturing organisation can get the knowledge and understanding they need to keep the process operating at peak performance.

Operational Excellence - Case Studies

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