Britest Process Understanding Day 2021 goes online

Britest's popular annual Britest Process Understanding Day is being held for the first time as an online event over the afternoons of Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd January 2021. General guest registration is available now.

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The programme picks up on the theme of building momentum in transformative times, taking in aspects of innovation aimed towards building an holistic understanding of processes, value chains and technology platforms.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Professor Frans Muller (Chair in Chemical Process Engineering, University of Leeds) and Professor Ricky Wildman (Multiphase Flow and Mechanics, University of Nottingham) who will be reviewing exciting advances built on digital design principles that promise to accelerate uptake of Process Intensification through advanced design methodologies and novel rapid equipment prototyping approaches. Dr Charlie Gordon, now of Scale-up Systems Ltd. but no stranger to the Britest philosophy, will be exploring the synergies between Britest and Process Modelling, and other presentations will feature innovative applications of the Britest approach towards defining process control strategies and in assessing risk across supply chains.

A fully interactive online experience

Whilst COVID-19 may have changed how we're delivering it, we are determined that the online version of the Britest Process Understanding Day will retain the essence of the traditional face to face event, including the social dimension which we know regular participants value so much. Alongside the plenary stage, the schedule is packed with round-table / open-floor discussions, a dynamic, interactive video/poster presentation style display area where you can talk in real-time to authors and presenters about their work, and plenty of scope for networking and conversation with other attendees, either in groups or individually.

Here's how and why

If you have any general questions about arrangements for this event feel free to contact:   Emma Maun +44 (0)161 327 1579, but please note that you can only register in person on the event registration page on the Hopin event platform.

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On the day, simply go to Entry to the live event will be open five minutes before the advertised start time to let you find your way around, but you'll find the schedule at the "Reception" point and links to all the main happenings on the left hand side of the screen. Enjoy your day!