Infineum is a world leader in the formulation, manufacturing and marketing of petroleum additives for lubricants and fuels

Established in January 1999, Infineum is a joint venture of two of the most respected names in the petrochemical industry, ExxonMobil and Shell. With customers including many of the world’s most recognised consumer brands, the organisation is built upon close collaboration with oil marketers and original equipment manufacturers, technology excellence in proprietary formulations, and supply reliability.

Since 2008, Britest has been implemented across the organisation with virtually all professional-level process technology staff trained in the Britest toolkit at Business and Technology centres at Linden, New Jersey, USA and Milton Hill, Oxfordshire, UK. The tools have been used in process design and process improvement scenarios, and the use of Britest is built-in to the stage gates of Infineum's process development procedure. The organisation also makes selective use of Britest specialists to facilitate particularly complex activities.

For Infineum, Britest is an important part of a bigger picture; moving from “product by process” to “product by understanding” where improvement is driven by a greater fundamental understanding of process chemistry and physics. Britest contributes value in several ways including;

  • Substantial tangible benefits where knowledge gained has led to improved use of resources;
  • Establishment of a facilitation community capturing financial value or capacity gains, and learning and best practices in the form of case studies;
  • Softer benefits such as enhanced organisational knowledge transfer through structured collaboration and being able to think about problems in the right depth.